Why starting small in your business is best

Why starting small in your business is best

Managing one can teach you to manage a thousand


Ever since I started out with the eShop kit that helps small business owners organize and improve their sales process, there’s no kind of absurd talk I’ve not heard! 

The most amusing one though, is when I hear small business owners say things like, “I know I just started my business but I need plenty of customers so I can sell well.” 

You know what’s even more funny? When you actually get these lots of customers you really want , you can barely attend to all of them without pleasing some and displeasing some. You know what this leads to? A loss of the same customers that you’ve been looking for!

Just as with everything in life, running a small business is a slow and gradual process, it is a step by step – just like raising a child or tendering to a growing plant.
If you skip one step, prepare to meet the consequences in the near future. 

In the same way, when you start your small business, “start small”. Even if all you have is one product ehn? make sure that one product is packaged well so that you deliver and serve so a lot of people will like it. 

You don’t even need “plenty” of customers! All you need are good quality “Repeat customers” that will constantly patronize you. One customer that you have sold your product to in the past, is more valuable than a new customer that hasn’t patronized you before. Why sell 10 products to 1000 people, when you can sell 1000 products to 200 people even FIVE TIMES! over

The best way to begin your small business is to put yourself in the shoes of your customer and walk through your own process so that you can know how to serve them better. Your business is for your customer, not you!


Some vendors make the mistake of trying to look big when in reality, they are sitting in their bedroom without a good system of running their small business effectively. This mentality that people will only patronize you if they think you’re a big brand is foolish, the world has changed, be small, own it! 

What have I not seen? Some vendors even go as far as buying followers on IG and still, they have no sales because their whole system of sales is ineffective and not sustainable. Remember that followers are not the same as customers! Your customer can be your follower but another person can follow you and still never purchase anything from you! So what is the point of having huge followers that won’t buy your product / service?

The reason why vendors are so fixated on “looking big”, adding “CEO” to their title when they only just started their business is because they are focusing on themselves and not their customers! If your focus is your customers then you will more clearly see why you should start small, put a good system in place then start to grow your business little by little. 


Start small and start well. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 customers or a thousand, people recognize quality once they see it and that is what you should aim for. In fact, that is what starting small teaches you.

When you know how to manage one customer properly and put a smile on that customer’s face – you can do the same for a thousand customers because you have properly learned how to do it for a few. 


Don’t rush! If you want your business to thrive in the long run, START SMALL. This time is one where a lot of small businesses are coming up so trust me, no one will mock you for selling your one product. Focus on it and you will see the magic! 

Some vendors go as far as hiring a developer to build a complex website that they have no idea how it works! That is just a waste of time and money because you don’t need a complex, overpriced solution to run your small business. You are just stressing yourself by paying for what you don’t need. Click here to read more on that so you know what it entails when you want to find a good system for your business. 

Auntyronke’s eShop kit gives you a simple system to effectively manage your small business (whether you have one customer or 100,000) by improving customer relations and helping you retain more customers, tracking sales records to improve business growth and basically creating a space for you in the digital world.

Wait no more, click here to get started! 

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