What is the average cost of building a website?

What is the average cost of building a website?

Getting the best bargain for your website 

So I left off where I finally decided to settle for George, the developer to help me with my website creation even though what he offered was way less than what I had expected. You can’t blame me though, I went through a lot of stress with these developer people so I just wanted my site up and running already. 

But it seemed like this relationship was not meant to be because I was already seeing reasons for why I myself may put asunder. 

Ha! George wanted to kill me with price! #kilode

I thought George was helping me with solutions to my problems;

I didn’t even know that for every solution he proffered, he added another item to my tab – I almost fainted when I saw the bill. (If you can see this George, may your enemies not use you to pay house rent in Banana island like you wanted to do me)

The amount of everything was close to a N550,000 bill. Ahahn! But what am I selling? I thought to myself. Is it ordinary Ankara that they’re collecting over N500k for? When it’s not that I’m selling spare parts abi cars sef. No way could I afford that without running my business down. 

Not only that, but if I wanted something new added to my site, that was extra cash. Wahala dey.

That was how I discharged George o! And I was right back to square one.

When it comes to getting a good price for your website, it is not a straightforward process. The more you want your website to do, the more it will cost You. The prices of websites vary, if you want a simple landing page or you want a full e-commerce website, that’s two different requirements and prices.

However, you have to consider your pocket and your specific needs. The worst mistake you can ever make is adding things (features) you don’t need at that point in time. For example, you need a website for your small jewelry business but because you’re seeing that most websites have a blog attached, you sef want a blog even though you don’t need it. Avoid that temptation! It just adds to your bill and you may never use it. 

Instead, keep in mind the most important feature you need and get just that. If in the future you eventually need a blog, it can always be added to your website. A website is dynamic so no matter what you don’t have currently, it can always be added. 

Also, don’t consult just one source o! Before these so called developers or web designers use you to build house in Banana island. They are fond of charging excessively especially when they perceive you to be a “JJC” So ask around, get the price list from three or four different website developers and pick the one that most suits you and your pocket.

Personally, I would advise you choose a developer that charges per month or quarterly. This is because they are most likely to be always available in case you need extra assistance and it comes at no extra charge. If you use one that just builds your website and goes, ha! By the time something technical comes up that you can’t handle, the kind of amount they will charge you ehn! It may even be more than what they used to build the website in the first place. 

You may ask why I am so insistent on getting a website? Well, look around you and tell me if you can’t buy a toothpick even right now from the comfort of your living room. Everything is online these days! Ordinary Instagram hiked my sales, my 4 item sales weekly quickly became 20 orders coming in weekly, so imagine what a website would do, that aside making things quite easier and faster for me  — more efficient to say the least. 

Not only that, the website also made me money so it wasn’t just an expense but an asset. I’ll talk more about this in my next article. For now tell me, What has your experience been in setting up a website? 

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