3 reasons you don’t need to Tiktok for your small business

3 reasons you don’t need to Tiktok for your small business

Tiktok has come to be known as the home of trends. I mean, Facebook had to act fast and created the Reels section on Instagram so as not to be overridden by the hard tide that was Tiktok.

What’s more? Gen Zs live, eat and breathe Tiktok, also dragging in the rest of the older generations into it like the last born drags the whole family into an activity they like. These days, you can hardly see a brand that does not have a front on Tiktok with a representative dancing and keeping up with trends in a bid to sell its product offerings to a wider audience.

The big question is, is that what your small business needs right now?

 The pressure is really tough (getting wesser 😉) and it can feel like your business is missing out on something if you are not on Tiktok. While the benefits are many, the disadvantages can be very costly if it is done at the wrong time and at the risk to your business.

So, let’s dive into it. Why should your business NOT be on Tiktok right now? By not being on Tiktok, I do not mean you should not have an account or anything, I just mean that your business is not active on the platform.


Take a good look at your business and evaluate your business needs. Do you want more customers and profit? Are you trying to expand? Or are you barely finding your ground in the business world? These are the questions that you need to answer to know if your business needs to be on Tiktok. 

Being on a social platform requires resources, for example, you need a ring light, tripod stand, microphone and more when you want to actively create content on such platforms. Also, you will need human resources like a content creator and social media manager, who you will have to pay or you pay with your time if you decide to do it by yourself. Either way, it may cost you and your business may not be able to pay for it if it does not align with your business goals. 

So, if your business needs to be more grounded in your industry and you focus more on gathering social media followers, what will they buy from you once they follow you? Remember that you are not an entertainer or influencer but a business so your ultimate goal is to sell. Focus on your business needs first and if it leads you to Tiktok, COOL!


Beyond following trends and being a social sensation, the activities you engage in for your business is not about just doing stuff for the sake of but doing it for the ultimate purpose of business GROWTH.

So, if your reason for wanting to invest in such an activity is because you just want to do it, I’m sorry but that is not good enough. You should be able to know how Tiktok will help your business; how will it brings customers to you? How will it help your sales? If you cannot state how being on Tiktok will help your business then maybe you should pause and think about that.

In reality, knowing how Tiktok will help your business will also guide your actions on the platform so you do not digress and do things that do not help your business. Think in terms of customers, not followers. 


The thing about being on social platforms is that you will attract a following and they will demand some form of consistency and frequency from you. You cannot post for one week and disappear the next minute, then reappear and expect a welcome party. There are many brands on social media and if you form a habit of going on and off because you do not have the necessary resources for a long-term commitment, your potential customers will associate you with a form of inconsistency and that will breed distrust for your brand. In the long run, it will be better for you to not even be on the platform at all.

If you want to use a platform like Tiktok for your business, it will be to your advantage to start small instead of jumping in head first. Also, you must know why you need the platform so this will help you have a good strategy on how to use it for your business.

So, start small; you can do this by posting once a week and maintaining that then upgrading that to posting two times a week and maintaining that as well. Little by little, you can begin to invest more when you see the results of former efforts and that way, Tiktok becomes an asset for your business, not a liability!

You can share your experiences and any point you think I must have missed in the comments. 👇

I am Aunty Ronke and I am here to help you on the journey to making your small business a big one! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @auntyronke for periodic updates and tips like this and hit the subscribe button to be notified when I make a new post.

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