The Importance Of Having A Portfolio For Your Business

The Importance Of Having A Portfolio For Your Business

Having a portfolio is very important for professionals and business owners. Not only is it a necessity, but it may also be that ‘extra push’ that you may have been looking for to take your business to the next level.

It’s okay that you are focusing on other aspects of your business, like your logo and brand identity while creating content and flyers for social media, but that does not mean that your portfolio should not be done and handy always. Why? A portfolio is just like a CV. If you were to hire an employee for your business, for example, what is the first thing you always ask for? A CV, abi? Why do you ask for a CV? It is because a CV is proof of experience. It shows that such a potential worker has the experience or skills you are looking for. Also, you can contact their former organizations to confirm that they worked there to ensure that they have the experience that they claim to have.

Now, apply this to your business:

A portfolio is an amazing way to let your potential customers quickly know who you are and assess the quality of your business and the products or services you offer. It helps your customers to know more about your business, and it often goes a long way in influencing their decision to patronize you.
Now we have established that you NEED a portfolio for your business. Not just because it helps your business to look professional and appealing but because it is another effective way to advertise your business. Let us look at another important sub-topic under this.

What should a typical portfolio look like or contain?

  1. A portfolio contains your business details, including your business name, description, industry, and contact details.
  2. Also, it must contain a description of the products that you offer alongside vivid visuals like pictures. For example, a graphic designer will have pictures of the flyers, brochures, and graphics he has designed.
  3. Finally, it should contain reviews or testimonials from clients you have worked with, as this provides social proof that your potential customers will use to decide to patronize you.

Without you having to talk too much or say too much, potential customers can have a look at your portfolio and decide to do business with you. This can be done without you being present and talking to the customer. A portfolio will help you reach more customers easier and faster and cost next to nothing (the cost of a portfolio is roughly the cost of a pizza).

No matter what kind of business you have, you can use a portfolio to showcase your work. Even a local hairdresser can use a portfolio to showcase samples of the service and different creative hairstyles made, with customer reviews and testimonials. Think about all the times you wanted to patronize a business you liked but could not because you could not find any evidence of their work. A portfolio solves this.

Make no mistake, though! You may display all your products on social media but it does not qualify as your portfolio. On a platform like Instagram, for example, it is very tiring to keep scrolling to see all the available products a brand has to offer. However, with a portfolio, customers can easily see your full range of services and send you a simple message / call you to patronize you. This will also open up more avenues for you to make money, like customers requesting home service.

Having a portfolio makes you look organized and structured. It communicates the message that your brand is ready for business. When potential customers see your work and the quality you offer, with reviews and testimonials from past customers, it builds your credibility with that assurance of comfort in doing business with you.

A professional portfolio will help you achieve the following:

  1. Promote your service/product more easily
  2. Showcase your products and services
  3. Attract potential customers
  4. Build trust and credibility for your Offering (product)
  5. Gives you a better chance to earn more money

Customers are always concerned about how they can save time, and this is what your portfolio does, especially when it is online. A well-laid-out portfolio gives potential customers an idea of what you are offering when they read through it without wasting their time and this can lead to favorable responses for your business.

Every customer has a unique taste. Having a portfolio enables you to know who is interested in doing business with you. When potential customers see your portfolio, they can visualize what it will be like working with you and immediately decide if you are what they need.
This will save you time and keep you from being frustrated, especially after spending several hours in meetings with potential customers and still not getting the deal or contract because they did not like your design or concept or felt you were not experienced enough. With a professional portfolio, you can be almost sure that anyone contacting you is most likely ready to do business with you.

You can develop a professional portfolio like this to give your business a major boost in less than 3 hours.

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