6 tips to create engaging content for your Instagram business page

6 tips to create engaging content for your Instagram business page

Social media has become a very essential point of marketing and customer contact for any business or brand  no matter how small or big. With the focus being mostly on content, not just any content but good and relevant content, that can engage your audience converting your fans and followers to potential leads and eventually sales and more customers for your business.

It is also not as simple as it looks especially for a small business – you cannot just post your face and go because you are not selling your face but your products (unless of course, your product is your face).

Still, how do you create engaging content for your small business page? Especially when you have to post product upon product pictures so you can get the word out there to your potential customers? 

Here are 7 tips to create an engaging content on your brand’s Instagram page –

1. Invest in product photography

A picture is worth a thousand words but when it comes to social media, pictures are worth much more than that, if I do say so myself.
Take for instance, you sell organic cosmetic products like creams and lotions, that doesn’t mean you have to post boring pictures of just your products. 

Spice it up by posting aesthetic pictures:

  •  it could be you holding the products, 
  • the products arranged with other accessories (maybe a sponge or even in a bathroom), 
  • you could change up the background (some of you legit use one background for all your pictures. Haba!)

Your product pictures are more important than your product itself when it comes to social media because it is what your potential customers will use to judge at a glance to see if your product is even worth it.
I mean, if the product pictures look bad, nobody would be encouraged to buy it. Even if your product can cure AIDS, nobody will care unless the packaging and the pictures for it are well presented.

Thankfully, you don’t have to stress yourself to go through that especially if you don’t have the time. FotoP is a small tool we created that helps you take beautiful pictures of your products at a very little cost to you. Click here to try it out for free now!

2. Make your content interesting by using storytelling format

Pretty pictures will stand out but what stands out more is a good story. Everybody loves a good story. Don’t just post content, tell your audience the story behind that post.

You can tell stories about your experiences using your products, how you started your business or just random stories about how your day went and find a way to relate it back to your product or service offering. 
Make it fun by using local slangs and expressions, emojis to better express yourself and make your content even more humorous because who doesn’t love a good laugh?

3. Don’t be monotonous

Monotony kills interest – but you already know that. You don’t always have to post pictures of your products, diversify by posting other kinds of content like 

  • reviews of customers, not just Whatsapp chat but of your customers holding their purchase
  • Random pretty pictures
  • Informative posts about your products
  • It doesn’t always have to be pictures, used carousels or videos too
  • Funny posts as well because a little humour never killed anyone!

Post a variety of content but make sure that they always relate to the theme or idea of your business so that you do not confuse your customers.

4. Post user generated content

You know what makes people even more interested in your content? When they see another customer like them being featured on your page! Posting user generated content is very effective because 

  • It takes the stress of always having to create content off your shoulders
  • It’s strong proof that your product works because it is being vouched for by a customer 

There’s no better advert than a happy customer. Post pictures with customers happily using your product or vouching for and recommending your business while you watch your engagement rise. Also, make sure to let your fan know that they can be featured on your page through a process (i.e by tagging you in their posts with your product etc)

5. Have a central theme for your social content

The idea of a properly arranged space is just so appealing. Having a theme for your social media page is a good way to get people attracted and engaged with your page.

There are several ways to create a theme for your social feed. You could:

  • Have a colour combination that you always use along with particular fonts
  • You could post specific posts to specific grids. For example, on Instagram, some people post only personal pictures on the first column, aesthetic pictures on the second and quotes or writings on the third just to make it stand out
  • You could arrange your posts either straight or diagonally

It may be hard at first to follow a theme as it may restrict your posting and creativity but if you find one that works for you and you get the hang of it – it’ll be easy for you.

6. Follow new trends to create even more engaging formats for your feed

The new trend in town is TikTok, so why not open an account and explore that angle to do something new for your brand? 

People respond more to your content when they see that it’s in alignment with a new trend and this also gives you the opportunity to be more creative with your information sharing.

But… always make sure not to forget the idea behind your brand so you don’t get  lost in trends. You don’t have to follow every trend.

And that’s it!

Remember that people respond more to pictures than words so make them beautiful and attractive, no matter what you post.

Don’t have just boring content. Make your online space so attractive that people want to patronize you because of the interesting content you have. 

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