3 brand tips that have helped my business to thrive over the years

3 brand tips that have helped my business to thrive over the years

When it comes to business, especially in a place like Nigeria, everyone has what works for them which might not work for the next person. This is because every brand is peculiar in its own way and has to use those peculiarities to their own advantage in whatever way they can.

In this article, I want to share three brand tips that have helped me to survive with my head high above water in the business world. Some of them I adjusted to fit with my own brand idea and the others I just used as is.

Let’s get into it!

The first tip is having establishing myself as an expert in my field – to some extent – through my content

In case you’re still wondering what my business is, I am an entrepreneur that focuses on helping small businesses to leverage technology to grow. 

We created the eShop kit which is a service that small businesses can use to conveniently sell their products online and handle their customers professionally at any scale. Basically, it is a tailor made website for small businesses without all the technicalities of a regular website.

All my content, both on this website (which you are currently on) and my social handles @auntyronke are centred around my theme of helping small businesses through tech. It’s what I do so of course it’s what I talk about albeit with a little space for some fun content.  

Point is, let all your media content revolve around your brand or business topic so that people know you as an expert or authority on something, one thing preferably. You cannot be selling perfume and be creating content on “how Mama Nkechi’s daughter is chasing all the boys on the street” – unless of course you find a way to relate it back to your perfume.


Always provide correct information that educates your audience and verifies you as someone that knows his or her onions in your field.

The second tip is that I always try to help my potential customers, even though I may not be their direct answer

On Instagram, I receive more than a few DMs from people asking me for information that is kind of outside my field or for services that I do not provide.

What do I do? Do I turn them away and say I don’t offer such services? Of course not!

What I do is to refer them to someone that can help them with that particular problem and you know what happens afterwards? Even though I did not make a sale by helping them, when they do need my services, I’ll be the first person that comes to their mind simply because I took time out to help them even when I had nothing to gain.

Point is, let your brand aim be to help customers in whatever way you can – even if they are not your direct customers or you don’t stand to gain anything from that particular transaction. Even you become a customer at some point, wouldn’t you like for a vendor to be of some help to you even if you’re not their direct customer? Exactly.

Help customers in whatever capacity you can, even if they’re not yours. This will build your brand reputation and attract even more customers to your business.

The final brand tip that has really worked for me is to have a consistent theme around which my content revolves

This helps with brand identity especially on the part of your customers. You’re probably thinking, isn’t that how it is supposed to be? Well yes! But some small brands ignore this maybe because they think they’re too small to be noticed but practices like this is what builds your brand for when you start to grow and expand.

Let your customers be able to say “That’s this brand or that brand,” when they see a particular colour or image. Use your colours, logo and other design elements to let all your content stand out and be easily identifiable.

Which of these tips did you find most useful? Let’s talk in the comments.

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