Multiply your sales by focusing on your existing customers

Multiply your sales by focusing on your existing customers

In my last article, I talked about how having a sales system in place helps you to make more money even while you sleep. Another great benefit of having a good system is that you can easily  reach old customers who are more likely to buy from you than new ones. 

Do you know that it is easier to sell to an old customer than to a new customer? Why? You may ask. Let me give you an illustration;

Imagine you are a customer, and you’re looking for who to buy shoes from. You have two options, Balaje Shoes store or Adide shoe company. Adide has this very fine shoe that you are eyeing and it comes with free delivery. Balaje has the same shoes and you have ordered from them before but they charge for delivery. Which one will you go for? Balaje Shoes of course!

This is because the fact that you have ordered from Balaje before makes you TRUST them.

So you will very much rather pay for delivery and be sure that what you buy is what you will get, than for you to risk Adide Shoe company because of free delivery. It is simple psychology. 


Now ask yourself, how many of your old customers have you entered their DM to ask if they will like to buy something else? For example, if you sell hair to Customer Halima in January, don’t you think that by April, that same customer Halima  will need another hair? But because you are an Instagram seller, it will just be weird for you to enter her DM and start asking JAMB questions. Abi did you drop money in her “akant” (bank account)?

But if you have a sales system in place, once a customer buys a product from you, his/her details are automatically stored in your’s database so that you can reach them in the future. 

In case you don’t know,

Customers feel very special when you send them a private email or message about new products, discounts and price slashes or sales. In fact, they are more likely to buy because you will customize the message to them.

How are you doing? Here are some wonderful items from the store I think  you might be interested in.


Based on your last purchase of shirts, here are some amazing cufflinks for the week...

I can go on and on with multiple examples, but you get the point  

Shey you see? What customer will not want to buy from you again? 

With a good system too, you can easily follow up on a purchase to know if your customer liked their order. 

Take note, some customers may not like their order but they won’t say anything so that they don’t offend you. The only thing is that they will not want to patronize you again and you will lose a customer without even knowing why. 

However, as part of your sales system, you can send them a feedback form – most customers will actually pour out how they feel because they do not feel like they are talking to you one on one – so they cannot offend you. It will now be up to you to apologize and even win their hearts over again for example by giving them a free product so that you can get their loyalty. It is a WIN-WIN situation. 

All these and more are the amazing benefits of having a sales system that works for you and your small business.

So what are you waiting for? I help small businesses put these systems in place that drive your sales better and are perfect for you and your business no matter its size or your type of business. Click here to find out more.

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