Extending your business beyond Instagram to your website

Extending your business beyond Instagram to your website

FIRST, I want to ask you a question – as an Instagram seller, do you plan to sell on Instagram forever? What if Instagram closes tomorrow? Also, are you not tired of answering 50 DMs and only making 5 sales out of that number?

Do you want to make money even while you sleep? 

My dear, you need a system! Let me tell you something you don’t know, you can only sell on Instagram for so long! You that you’re saying you want 100 customers to buy your market, but if God gives you those 100 customers today – won’t your hand break trying to answer DMs? 

You will spend time that you’re supposed to use to be packaging and sending orders – making good money, to answer DMs “upandan” (up and down) of different people that may even pour their own frustrations on top of your head. Come on now?!  Why don’t you choose sense and have a good system instead?

The truth is, you even have a system right now – just that it is not an effective one; 

Answering one DM or the other makes you no different from a street hawker jumping from one customer to the other.

The only difference between you and a street hawker is that you have data and you’re sitting down in your house but it is the same stress you are going through.

You are depending on someone coming across your Instagram page and caring enough to enter your DM (that is if they don’t get distracted by one funny skit like that, “you know as e be nau” )

But what if you are not online at that moment? 

Many customers may just unsend their DM (another Instagram wahala) before you even see it. That means you have lost another sale from a potential customer. But “body no be firewood”, nobody can be online all the time. 

If you have a system, like a website – 

Your ideal customers will not even bother to enter your DM most of the time! They will just go to your website and see all the information about your business. They will see all they need to know to place an order and get it delivered – all these without stressing you! Your own will just be to receive money and send orders instead of answering one question 50 times a day.

You will see that your sales will increase because you are now using your time to actually make money instead of answering DMs of people that mostly don’t even buy, let your website do those answering for you.

The truth is that customers who really want to buy “market” do not waste time – 

Serious customers will even be happy that you have a website because not everyone wants to actually interact with the Instagram seller “beta customers ask questions that make sense and just do the needful”. 

Most times, serious customers fear that Instagram vendors size them up and tell them higher prices which is actually a very valid concern. Also, some people just don’t want that closeness of having to DM you but why should that hinder your sales? It shouldn’t and it will not, if you have a website – which is a good system of selling to people without any unnecessary talks!

Do you know that it is easier to sell to old customers than new ones? That is another benefit of having a website (it will help you put in place an organized sales system) that allows you to save information on all your customers and reach them with new offers so you make more sales. However, that one is a story for another day. 

Now you need a website, do the needful. Click here to start. 

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