How to put your brand / business in the mind of your customer 10X more without spending money

How to put your brand / business in the mind of your customer 10X more without spending money

In my last article, I explained how to Increase your sales 10 times more by re-engaging old customers and following up throughout their buying process. Putting your brand in customer’s minds involves the same value process that will ensure your customers always remember you, I recommend you read that too for better understanding by clicking here

It is proven that we humans have to see something a minimum of 7 times and over before we actually remember it enough to engage with it. Take yourself for example, do you always remember when someone tells you their name? In fact, you may forget it as soon as you hear it.
However, if someone starts to come around you more often, you will hear their name more frequently and it will become familiar & stick.

This is why you see major brands spend millions of naira on commercials and adverts that have the same message so that people remember and even if they don’t need the service at that time – they will remember that particular brand when they do need it. When you see “Just Do It” and the swoosh logo, what comes to your mind first? Nike! That is the power of repetition and consistency. 

Now, how can you as a small budding business, take advantage of this strategy to make your customers remember you and always patronize your brand when they need what you’re selling?
How do you make sure your customer NEVER patronizes your competition and even when they do, they start to mentally compare them to you because your services are that good ?

We understand most small and home based businesses don’t have the big budget to execute this level of marketing, but there are ways you can achieve this even within your existing business with your current customers

A good way to achieve this same result is to do it as part of your sales process with every single customer that has already walked in!

What I have observed, most times entrepreneurs don’t even handle this first process of their sales effectively after getting that customer to come in and get their first purchase till when their order is delivered, this process I explained in my last article that I linked to earlier.

For most vendors, once you get paid “cha ching”  your thought is “Case closed” without thinking of the fact that that particular customer can be a goldmine who continuously purchases more products from you.
Did you even think of retaining that customer?! All you want to do is sell 1,000 products to 1,000 customers when you can actually sell that 1,000 products to 200 customers 10 times over.

How is this possible even without a huge marketing budget? Through your brand implemented within your sales process! This is the process of making your customer remember your brand so that you are the first in their mind when they need a product that you offer and you don’t even have to do it yourself. 

Once again, in my previous article where I mentioned that you enter customer details into your system and send them mails for every step of their purchase – you will notice that every time they receive an email from you, the mails update them about something concerning their purchase which is some “good news” and that brings them pleasure being carried along, they will see your business name, your brand (or business) which subconsciously is associated with that “good feeling” the updates give them.

They will see your brand and name multiple times through that process

  • When they make an order
  • When their payment has been confirmed
  • When their order is being processed
  • When their order is done being processed
  • When their order has been sent
  • When their order has been delivered
  • When they have confirmed receipt of the order

That alone means that they have interacted with your brand at least 7 times! And you have not even sent mails to ask for their feedback. This is just for one purchase. How do you think they will not remember you?

Even if your business name is one long name that violates the rules and guide we gave about naming your business or service here, by the time they see your brand and identity 7 times or more on the average, trust me, you will become the trusted vendor or business in their minds and you don’t have to spend money on any advert or commercial to make that happen.

Frequency breeds familiarity and familiarity breeds trust. This is the secret behind big recurrent sales. 


Overtime, they will start to remember you like you are a family member instead of just another business trying to make money. This is because you are providing more value than they even feel like they are paying for, through those subtle messages and emails of reassurance as they make their purchases. You are practically holding their hands and guiding them, as they make a purchase from you. 

It is great customer service that shows you truly care for your customers.


All this value is what the Auntyronke’s eShop provides that helps you to conveniently hold your customer’s hand from the beginning to the end of their experience with you by automatically walking your customers  through each step of your sales. 

Any customer you treat with such tender gloves or love will definitely come back for more and even bring their friends to patronize you.

I help small businesses set up the eShop kit, you get all these and other tools to improve your small business for a monthly token, Click here to find out more.  or email me at

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