6 common excuses holding you back from your home based business success online

6 common excuses holding you back from your home based business success online

You know you need a website (If you don’t, here’s why). I hear a lot of excuses on a daily from business owners who haven’t gotten round to owning one. 

Here are some excuses I hear on a weekly basis from traders and business owners who don’t have an online presence yet – I am sure you are sitting comfortably on one of these tables. Let’s start with the number one reason:

You’re not sure what name you want to name it

You want it to be perfect, you want that name that will “woah” people and be catchy and simple at the same time.
Let me shock you, you may never find such a name! Most names of popular brands were not catchy or “waoh-ish” at first but as their business expanded or fulfilled its purpose, people got used to it. The same thing applies to you, just choose a name that describes your business and that’s it! For more tips on choosing a business name, check out this helpful article.

You’re waiting for your business registration or perfect logo

You do not need to register your business before you open up a website for it. One does not stop the other; you can open your website and start making money from it while the process of registration is still ongoing.
As for your logo, just the letters or abbreviation of your business name will do. Remember, as your business evolves so will a lot of other things, including your logo. So don’t let this stop you. 

You just have to finish writing the message on your pages.

What, all of them?? Why? Why do you need to write the copy for all of your pages biko? 
In fact, start with just 1 and at that, I will even help you with that if you ask me, just send me an email through the contact page and I’ll be glad to help.

Think about it, what are the pages you absolutely need to have before you can publish your site? Start with those and then later you will add more as you come up with them.

But then there’s this next excuse…

It takes you so long to figure out these “techy things” and you can’t afford to pay someone else to do it.

I tend to only hear this excuse from entrepreneurs who are trying to do everything themselves but why struggle so much when there is a MUCH quicker and easier platform that you can use that will start you up in 2 hours or less?

You can go live and honestly, that will be good enough for now. So your business will be up and running and you even have more resources to actually learn how to run a website (if you still want to build one yourself.)

The most annoying excuse though, remains this one…

It’s just not right yet

Well join the club!
Of course it’s not right yet. Your website will never be ‘right’ in your eyes and nor should it be. Your business should be evolving and improving every month so it stands to reason that your website should be too. Overthinking the design & content that is a waste of time because it will probably change, just like your business. 

Your website is not one of these tasks that can be ‘finished’ and then left for a couple of years. Working on your website should be one of your weekly tasks. Every week you should be tweaking a bit of copy, adding a new product, better images of your product and more great information about the experience you give.

The only other reason is that ‘You’re afraid of success!”

This is often the only conclusion I can draw when I speak to a few home based businesses, because you want to have 1 million naira sales a month and you’re afraid of selling 100 pieces of a product @ 10,000 naira, wake up biko!

Every big business started small so start now and grow your business to the point where you get 1 million sales a month.

Don’t be scared, don’t be overwhelmed  

For your business to grow, you have to expand and that involves taking it beyond social media (Instagram/Facebook). So if you have that website that’s been on your to-do list forever – just start now and get this ball rolling!

We have an entire service here to help you create a website that will bring your dream customers to you and make them find your products totally irresistible.  Start now.

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