Why you need a website; The trouble with Instagram customers

Why you need a website; The trouble with Instagram customers

Why you need a website

I only recently started a trade of selling Ankara to support myself and my family as well. You know how everything is on Instagram these days, so I decided to open a page for my Ankara business online so people could see what I had to sell and purchase from there as well.

Ah!, I got more than what I budgeted for O, the turn out was bigger than I expected. I kept receiving DMs from potential customers who wanted this and that and I was so happy that my business would move forward at a very fast rate. 

But rara O!, it soon became annoying. First of all, Instagram people can be lazy ! Ordinary to read caption for details of the price and other specifics, they found it easier to enter my DM to ask repetitive questions that I’d already answered several times on my page. It was very tiring.

It was later that I figured out that it wasn’t really laziness that was doing Instagram people, it was simply the way an Instagram page is arranged ehn, people rarely have the patience to scroll all the way down to find older posts on products. 

One day I was about to make another post about my ankara on Instagram when I just saw this Instagram post by one of these funny Instagram skit makers.

Before you know it, I spent one hour watching funny videos up and down and forgot the initial reason why I even entered Instagram in the first place.

That was when it occurred to me that “mehnnn!”, Instagram is one very big distraction. Imagine me, the seller, that needs to sell my ankara getting distracted by Instagram videos and pictures… how much more my customers who I have to strive to convince to purchase my wares? I just realized that instagram is not where I should base my market. I mean, Instagram is one big marketplace I know, but it was very easy to get distracted by other things and I didn’t want that happening to my potential customers. 

There was also the problem of Instagram hackers and impostors. I have this friend whose account got hacked at 5,000 followers; she couldn’t log into her account anymore! It was soooo bad because she had to start all over again as she didn’t have any other way to reach her customers. It was a huge loss. 

Haha! that was when I figured out, (this is probably why people set up websites) I need a website! 

A website would be my base. Somewhere my customers could immediately head to just by clicking the link in my Instagram bio and have access to all I had to offer. Great right? I know. Having my website meant that I had a zone where I could easily control the experience of my customers without getting worried about them getting distracted by some funny video or hilarious meme (no offense Instagram.)

That way, even if one of these hackers got to my Instagram account, my website would act as a database from where I could easily contact my customer base. 

But wait, the next challenge  was now here, “How do i build a website?”  “What name do I use?” This was a struggle but I’ll tell you what I went through to decide this name in my next article.

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