You might be losing thousands of Naira everyday you run your small business without a sales system

You might be losing thousands of Naira everyday you run your small business without a sales system

Running a small business is no easy task! Even though it’s termed “small business”, the work that goes into starting and running a small business is definitely not small.

So it should be that as a small business owner, you should be doing everything to make all your efforts count instead of standing in the way of your business’ success, right? You should not be struggling to make sales or get the word out there about your business because there are far more easier ways to do this!

If you’re a small business owner running your business without a sales system, then that would almost be simultaneous to sabotaging your business. How?

Running a manual system of sales in your small business like the one below is like running a rat race – no matter how good you do it. Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat.

Is this what you do?

Post product online — Wait for your customers to send a DM indicating interest — Begin talks and negotiations with that customer (depending on how serious that customer is) — Seal the deal — Package order — Deliver  the order — Wait for feedback- or ask for feedback – Follow up.

This system can change depending on your business model, if you get referrals or through word of mouth sales but asides from that, it’s pretty much the same.

Your business can only go so far with this kind of system. How many customers can you attend to in a day? Not counting the unserious ones which are most times more than the serious ones? Some customers may unsend their inquiry DM before you even come online. 

What you need is a Sales System.

A sales system eliminates steps 2 to 4 effectively without causing you any hassle or stress.

With a sales system, once you post your product online, all your customers have to do is to click the link (the one you put in your bio) and then be redirected to your eShop (which is the entry point of your sales system) where they can browse through your catalogue of products or services – all without stressing you or asking numerous questions that you have answered there.

This process even further helps you to separate the serious customers from the unserious ones because only the serious ones will take the step further to add that product they want and proceed to check it out through your eShop – all without too much talk! 

A sales system is really the way to go for your small business because it effectively eliminates all the tiring processes of talking with a hundred customers and making only 10 sales. 

It gives your small business a professional outlook and customers will take you more seriously as they see the work you have put into implementing your systems, brand and business. 

Take for example, isn’t it easy for you to go online, to that Instagram page for that fine shoe you have been eyeing, click the link in their bio and order it ASAP? Instead of sending the seller a DM and waiting for them to respond? Make it easier for your customers as well by investing in an eShop for your small business.

An eShop gives you:

  • A simple layout to post all your products from A – Z (So your customers don’t have to spend time scrolling down your Instagram feed, they can just search for a product on your eShop page.)
  • A cart they can add products to
  • A checkout section where they check out their products and pay you immediately
  • Once you see their payment and delivery details, you being to process their delivery
  • You send their order to them within the time frame of delivery as stipulated
  • An eShop also automatically keeps record of every transaction you process
  • You control all these from an app on your mobile phone

And that is it! All these without too much talk or unnecessary pricing. Infact, with this eShop, your customers will not even price your market because this is another way to better “package” your business and give it a sharp outlook. This eShop is branding on a budget o!

You lose thousands of Naira everyday you run your business without a sales system

This is because you will be spending time doing little tasks that will take up much of your time instead of you to actually be making money.

You spend lots of time: 

  • answering DMs most of which may be inquiries that may not amount to sales, 
  • making mistakes in people’s orders because it’s in a disorganized format in your DMs, 
  • making mistakes in records keeping for your business, 
  • keeping your customers waiting due to the fact that you’re overwhelmed sometimes
  • Your customers have to wait for you to attend to them one on one by responding to their DM when they could actually just go to your eShop and order for what they want, pay up and your money will simply go to your account without any stress!

Even if you do make money with the manual system you run, it leaves you stressed out and there is really no need for this when you have an automated system that can help you run things smoothly. 

Save yourself – and your customers – the stress by running your business with a sales system like the eShop  

Now that you know that you need an eShop, click here to get started

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