3 ways to sift through the noise of frustrating IG customers

3 ways to sift through the noise of frustrating IG customers

If we begin to talk about the different types of Instagram customers, we will not finish today!

Thankfully, I already made a list of different types of IG customers so just click here to read and enjoy.

On a more serious note though, Instagram (and other social ) customers can be frustrating! Some will ask a thousand questions and still not buy anything, another will even start asking personal questions and you’ll be like “Oga I am selling market and not myself!”

If you want to stop being frustrated by these types of customers and stop complaining about their wahala, if you want to effectively manage your customers, then you need to put the right systems in place that will get rid of the frustrating ones and only bring the serious ones to your front!

Here are 3 ways to do that;

Make an FAQ for your business

Most times, a lot of potential customers ask repeat questions in your DM and waste your time when they end up not making a purchase, because they don’t see answers to their questions on your page!

Having a boldly stated Frequently Asked Questions list on your page (maybe as a story highlight) will prevent potential customers from disturbing you in your DM and even the stubborn ones that still enter your DM – you can easily refer them back to the FAQs. 

This way, only actual customers that want to purchase your product will enter your DM and you save time and in turn, money! 

So compile a list of FAQs like return policy, shipping or delivery prices and details and other questions you commonly get from your customers. You will drastically reduce the number of repeat questions in your DMs! (if you need help with doing this, I will help you ) 

Put a system in place that lets your customers buy your product without contacting you

Basically, get an eShop. This way, any serious customer that really wants to get your product will not even bother entering your DM, they will just go to your online shop and order and your money will be entering your “akant” (account) without any unnecessary talks! 

Direct orders through your eShop

It may seem obvious but sometimes, some customers still enter your DMs even when it is boldly stated that orders should be made through the eShop!

What you do is to direct them to order through your eShop and if they’re actually serious, they will do it. 

More often than not, you think customers have “wahala” but the truth is your customers are only as serious as you are!


When your customers see that you have a system you follow religiously, they will definitely comply – that is, if they are serious. 

The point of putting a system in place is to filter out unserious customers so that you can attend to the serious ones that are actually interested in your “market” 

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