7 Types Of Instagram Customers

7 Types Of Instagram Customers

Instagram is a fantastic place to meet new customers and boost your business yes; but we can’t deny that there are some people that make you want to just up and delete the app right out of your phone!

Which one can you relate to?

1 The “I’ll Get Back To You” Gang:

These set of customers ehn, their own is to ask about every product you’re selling and when you have finished telling them about why you even started the business in the first place they’ll now say – “Let me get back to you,” Ahhhhh, one day I might just go and find those ones in their respectives houses o!

2. The OK Gang:

These ones have the most annoying customers ever! They will just enter your DM and be asking questions like they want to buy market. But after everything, guess what? They will just say “OK” Ahahn, OK that what? Ok you’re buying abi you’re not buying? Can you say your mind plis? Instagram is stressful enough already!

3. The “Send Your Details” Gang:

These one are the ones I like most cos they don’t give stress! Once you’ve given them one or two details about the product, along with reassurance they’ll immediately ask for your details to make payment. Chai, I wish I can have these type of customers everyday o!

4. The Questionnaire Gang:

These ones? RUN! They will ask you every single question on earth about that product. From, “is it my size?”, “what colour is it?” “will it size me?” “what if it doesn’t size me?” Ahahnnnnn! Even the details that I have already put inside my caption, they will still come ask me again. 

5. The Escapee Gang:

These ones are very nice at first, talking calmly and acting as if they are interested. But you know what? If you give these ones a chance, they will just escape and not buy anything from you… Just mistakenly not answer their DM on time and they’ll say “Is this how you treat your customers? You can’t even answer on time. In fact, I am not buying again.” You have to use style to trap them

6. The Rude Gang:

These ones leave their home training outside your DM because once they enter your DM, they will just be misbehaving. Abi is it because I’m selling market to you ni? You just have to take care and handle them so that they will calm down and you can sell your market. It’s all “initial gra-gra”

7. The Awoof Gang:

Awon awoof O! Who doesn’t like AWOOF!?! Me sef, I like Awoof! You will not see them unless you are doing sales, that’s when they will now plenty and enter your DM. You can’t blame them sha, I just hope they remember that “awoof dey run belle!” *wink

Those are the main types I have come across but guess what, that’s not all! since I’ve posted this article, vendors have emailed and messaged me about more types which i agree with and have listed below in the following categories;

The Unsure: This set like reassurance ehn; they’ll be like: “I like it o but will it fit me?” “Are you sure?What if it doesn’t, what will I do?” Get your tailor to mend it dear. You have to continue reassuring them until they give in.

Awon “Smartass”: These ones feel like they know it all. They can tell you where you bought the market and even the name of the person you bought it from. But if you know them, go and buy it from there naa!

Awon keep it for me: Hmn, these one? They have mind O. How will someone tell you to be keeping market for them? If that’s how we are doing it, market will have finish naa. LOL

Loyal customers: God bless these ones O. They are loyal to us daily cos they must always patronize you because “issa a customer something” *wink*

Unsatisfiable: If you like, go to the very source of the market you’re selling and handpick for these ones, they can never be satisfied. Even when the product is good or up to standard , Tah! They will never agree that they are satisfied. Toh! I’ll sha collect my money.

Which one have you met and which one annoys you the most? 

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