The challenge for Vendors and IG businesses; this is why you are not making the amount of sales you want to

The challenge for Vendors and IG businesses; this is why you are not making the amount of sales you want to

As an Instagram or Facebook Vendor, you have your online business running where customers DM you to buy your product or service. However, you are barely making more than 5 sales in a week so when you see others making sales in hundreds and thousands, you’re wondering, “How do they do it?”

It is through “Digital Marketing”  they say and I am sure you have heard of that word before but what exactly am I talking about here?

The truth is that with social media, you don’t even need to have a lot of money before you market your products online.

This is because all you need is a few clicks and voila! Lots of people have access to your business, where they can make enquiries and also make purchases. 

Now the sad part about this whole marketing is that a lot of small businesses like the idea of having plenty of customers to buy their market {product or service}, but more than half of these businesses do not have an effective system in place nor do they know how to actually manage these customers. 

How do I mean? Right now, you only make 20 sales in a week – if you have 100 customers tomorrow, won’t you be overwhelmed?
You won’t even be able to handle them and this will lead to dissatisfaction and loss of potential customers. Which is what happens everyday that you hear vendors complain.

What you need is a sales system in place to complement the marketing you already have that’s making people reach your inbox and DMs.


I will show you how to get and manage your own sales system without giving yourself the extra work of managing the customers as well in my next article. 

This way, your sales increases and your work reduces, how fab is that? This method, leverages technology to serve you better – the funny thing is that we have a lot of technology now more than ever to make things easier but we just choose to make things difficult for ourselves! 

Choose the easy way out, click here to get started. 

With the Aunty Ronke’s eShop kit, you get a simple way to manage your sales system for even 1,000 customers without stressing yourself. 

Even if you sell at different prices for different people or you have special pricing for special customers like wholesalers or special customers, that is not a problem. This eShop kit will accommodate all your business needs no matter what. 

Click here to get started. 

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