Nigerian Customers don’t read emails, is this true or just a myth?

Nigerian Customers don’t read emails, is this true or just a myth?

There is this common assumption that customers don’t have or read emails, I don’t advise you as an Instagram or Facebook business owner to believe or follow that assumption. Here’s why.

For someone with a physical shop in a location, they might not need a customer’s email to identify them and make a sale, but for you whose business is virtual, you do not see your customer and the only effective way to identify them is through that email. 

Now drop that conclusion that people don’t have emails, how exactly are they chatting with you right now?

Over a smartphone I believe, there is no way you will have a smartphone without having an email, that’s why those emails are free and your device forces you to set up one even if you don’t have one.
Android devices provide Gmail, Apple provides and you have a lot of others like yahoo, hotmail etc. So drop that idea that they don’t have emails, it’s a myth in “ya head”

Now to answer “they don’t read“, if you are expecting a mail, won’t you check your mailbox?

In the same way, when you tell a customer that his order details will be sent to his email, they will even anticipate it and will be eager to read it.


Just like you definitely read your bank credit and debit notification when it comes in the mail – because it is important to you! I’m sure you don’t delete those emails either, you keep them. 

The same way the banks have been smart about this and doing it for years updating you every step of the way also to keep their brands relevant in your mind and your lives, that’s the same thing you need to do for your small business.

However, this is a lot of work but what if I tell you you can make all that work go away for your business with a simple “Aunty Ronke’s eShop”. You don’t have to do all those things I just mentioned above yourself. Aunty Ronke’s eShop makes it easy for you to manage this process simply and easy for 1 customer or for 100,000 customers! 

This and more, is what we have put together for small businesses in the eShop package 

In fact, after a while when your customers get used to emails, you will not even have to do anything – your customers will just go to your eShop and place orders by themselves which is now when you can decide to have a website itself like 

Your customers will get all the notice they need every step of the transaction and when they need to complain, they have access to your email to do so.

In fact, your constant email notices is another branding technique that will imprint your brand in the memories of customers because they will keep seeing your logo in every email. Tell me, how can they forget you? 


Infact, the next time they wake up at 1 am and discover they need something, your email is what they will reference which will now take them to your website. Because of all those messages you’ve sent, keeping them up to date as they made their purchase, they are curious and trust your business more.

Do this for 90 days and tell me if your sales does not increase drastically!

What’s more, since you have started to keep a record of every order in your system, you will have every sale for your business recorded as well as customer details. This means every single dime is accounted for so your money will not go missing. 

You can even take it further by sending your old customers new emails on different offers and sales – or just to check how they are doing during festive seasons. Once they see your email, they will definitely want to read it because they know and TRUST you. 

All you need is an eShop! And you don’t even have to pay rent to one wicked landlord *wink*

Click here to get started, get your eShop now!

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