3 simple ways to increase your sales through emails without spending a dime

3 simple ways to increase your sales through emails without spending a dime

From my personal experience, a lot of Nigerian vendors online as well as small business owners are yet to take advantage of the powerful marketing tool that comes in the form of EMAILS. 

Yes. Ask yourself, when last did you check your email? Asides from maybe when you receive one from your bank and others like that. If you constantly check and use your mails, then you are one step on the right track! 

Emails open up a whole new world of marketing and an even better way to reach your customers because guess what? Even if you don’t use mails, your customers do! And when you start using emails to reach your customers, even if they don’t use it as much, they will begin to because of you! Click here to see how exactly this works.

Now let’s head to how you can use emails to reach even more customers;

Maybe you have heard of email marketing, maybe you haven’t – but I’m here to break it down for you.

Email marketing is simply a way of sending emails to your customers or potentials to market a product that you have and want them to buy.


The really amazing thing about email marketing is that it goes beyond social media to a more personal level. Just like the way there are some things you can post on your Whatsapp but can’t post on Instagram because your Whatsapp is more personal, right? That is the same way emails work! 

You are sending a message directly to your customers, not just one promoted post they see on Instagram, Facebook or other social media and when they swipe up it is lost in tens of other posts, skits, videos, reels – you name it!


When your customers see your email, it remains there and they can come back to it again and again.
You might argue that on social media like Instagram for example, your potential customers can save your post for later but ask yourself, all those posts that you have saved, did you ever go back to them? Even the thought of searching for them is pure stress!

Research has proven that emails are the most effective way of reaching customers, even more than paid adverts on social media! Now that you know, stop slacking and do the needful O!

Now that you know that you need to use emails to reach more customers, use these steps to do so;

1. Create a mailing list; 

To create a mailing list, you will need to collect the mails of your prospective or existing customers so that you can send mails of new sales offers, promotions, discounts and other new products from your store that they might be interested in. 

It would be really odd to go about asking your customers for their emails if the kind of system you run is through Instagram or Facebook DMs – even your customers will start to feel suspicious of you! 
With a system like an eShop however, you will be able to run your customers’ orders through the eShop which automatically collects customers emails! 

And that is how you create your mailing list!
If you already have a website, you can encourage your customers or site visitors to join your email list by adding a SUBSCRIBE form to your site. 

2. Entice your customers to join by making them a promise;

A lot of your customers still won’t want to join your mailing list, especially if you’re not collecting it automatically (like an eShop does for you). In this case, you can promise them a discount of about 10 or 20 percent off their next order and give them a special code to that effect. 

This will not only entice them to join your email list, it will also make them more likely to patronize you just because of the discount, even if they did not want to before. Don’t ask me why, ask yourself why you buy that big pack of tissue paper at the store that was 50% off – even though you already have enough at home! That is the power of discount or sales offers!

3. Send relevant and regular mails to your mailing list but DO NOT SPAM

Here comes the hard part. I call this the hard part because some people will get the first two steps right and get plenty of email subscribers, only for them to send emails that are irrelevant or just painful to read.

And before you know it, people will begin to unsubscribe from your email list. You definitely do not want that, so you have to create meaningful, short messages to send to your email list that will keep your subscribers hooked from the go.
You can send mails on new products based on that customer’s former purchase, sales offers, discounts, clearance sales and others like that.

When you send these sorts of marketing mails about new sales offers to your customers, you are not waiting for them to see your products on social media, you are bringing your products to them! 


Not only will this increase your sales because now your customers may not even be aware that they need your product until you send them that mail; it will also increase your customers’ loyalty to your brand because it is another form of good customer service. 

And what customer does not like good customer service? Exactly! 

It will even lead to more referrals because when customers love your brand, they will want their friends and families to patronize you as well. 
So use these steps and watch your sales increase! 

It might seem like a lot of stress but the great thing is that there is technology that can take off this stress from your hands! I am talking about the eShop kit that will do all these for you AUTOMATICALLY!

Click on this link to read more about the eShop and claim your own NOW! 

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