You’re making money but do you know your business could actually be losing more money? Here’s how!

You’re making money but do you know your business could actually be losing more money? Here’s how!

You hear people say that “Everything is going digital” but do you even know how deep this rabbit hole goes?

Going digital is more than just opening an Instagram or Facebook page for your business O!


In fact, that is barely nothing “sef” compared to what “going digital” truly means.

Going digital means opening a branch of your business which can be accessed by anybody in the world with simply access to the internet.

I’m talking about going digital appropriately which involves owning an online presence (an online store, eShop, eCommerce site, website) as your business demands. Opening just an Instagram page is just like renting a space for your shop without paying – what happens when the landlord decides that he wants his land or space back? No functional business should be based on just social media.

More importantly, not going digital will make you lose a WHOLE LOT of money

Yes, there is always talk about how much you will gain when you go digital but nobody talks about how much you lose if you don’t.
Yes, you can make plenty of money by going digital because one time marketing can give you access to a large customer base that will even refer you to their friends/family depending on how good your services are – and you don’t even have to see them!

But when you don’t go digital with your business, you lose a lot of money. You lose money in the sense that if you would have made extra 200k per month by going digital then in a year you have automatically lost an opportunity to make 2.4 million! All that money! 


Even if you make 50 million right now from running a physical shop at alaba, you could potentially have made 3X of that (90 million) but because of your shortsightedness, you are refusing to push that your small business forward!

Do you want to be the reason your business goes under?

Yes you might be making money but in times of economic hardships like this then you have to make so much more and capitalize on every source of income so that your business does not go under. 

Regular profit will not help your business to beat their competitors. Leverage on the technology, take advantage of  digital assets to make your business thrive even better at a low cost because the truth is that the digital space gives you way more than you pay for if you really look at it.


With social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you don’t even need a huge marketing budget to reach a large group of potential customers. The amazing thing  about this is that you might reach one customer and that customer will like what you sell and send your post to their friends and family at ZERO cost to you!

As a small business starting up…

It can feel overwhelming when you first enter into the digital space because  it feels like EVERYBODY is there! But just change your mindset and see them as potential customers who can patronize you well if you do it right.

Invest in going digital today as a business. It is a great way to solidify your presence in this fast moving digital world so that your customers never forget you, you also have a way to reach them again and again so that they can patronize you. You get to be the first on their mind when they need your service!

Click here to learn more about getting your own space in the digital world!

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