Top 7 ways to get more customers for your small business this coming year 2021

Top 7 ways to get more customers for your small business this coming year 2021

Without customers, you do not have a business. This is why every marketing ploy or strategy you see is directed towards getting more customers! Customers are your source of income, they are the blood of every business so you definitely want to have more than enough to keep your business running.

But how do you get these customers? I hear you ask.

You may have tried out so many ways and yet, it seems like your customers are running away from you instead of to you! Well, these 7 techniques are proven to work overtime when implemented in your business.

N.B – This is not a “quick fix” scheme O! Quick fix schemes may work short term but in the end, you will lose more than you gain. These are methods that you have to be consistent with in order for you to see results and trust me, the results will WOW you! 


You’re probably thinking, “Advertisements? Not again!” But the truth is, no business can live without putting itself out there so that the people who need such services can identify with your brand and patronize you! 

There is a reason why you see advertisements everywhere you go; on TV, radio, billboards – everywhere! It’s because they actually do work! How many times have you wanted to buy something, and maybe you have two options but when you suddenly remember the advert of one, you quickly select that one as your choice? Don’t underestimate the power of adverts.

Adverts will not only put your products out there so that people who need your product can identify with your brand, it also helps to convert these people to new customers who will now want to try out your products based on what they have seen in your advert. Voila! New customers for you! 


Remember, no matter how good your product is, if nobody knows about it then there is really no point. Spread awareness about your products and promote your brand through adverts and watch a new stream of customers flock to you. 


Why restrict yourself to your current location? Even if you don’t have a physical shop and you are only based online, attend a sales exhibition today! The amazing thing about trade fairs is that it exposes your products to a wide range of people who might have otherwise never heard of your business before. 

It is also a great opportunity to learn new things by liaising and networking with other vendors in the same industry as you and trust me, you never know what new thing you might learn to grow your business! What’s more, forming relationships with other people in the business is one way to be endorsed in that industry and promote your business on a bigger scale.

Take advantage of trade fairs to the maximum, don’t just go there to sell – make new friends, network, exchange numbers, give out your business cards and flyers, let your customers follow you on your social media handles so that the relationship can continue even after the trade fair ends.


Not only will this increase your customer base, you will also have formed new relationships and gained new knowledge and insights for your business.


Nobody is an island so there is a tendency that you have worked a job before starting your own business, in fact, you may even have a side job! Use these previous connections to get new customers for your business. You can even extend it to your church, marketplace, school or basically anywhere you have friends and acquaintances. 

A large number of customers are gotten from referrals so even if these ones don’t patronize you, they might know someone who is interested in your services. It is a very good idea to carry your business card or flyers around so that it’s easier for people to refer you to others and contact you as well.


With social media, you don’t even have to have a huge marketing budget before reaching a lot of potential customers for your business. However, a lot of people get lazy and think that just being on social media is enough to get them more customers. NO, IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT.

You have to;

  • Create good content that is engaging and shareable so that people who see it, instantly want others to see it too.
  • Be consistent – don’t post today and forget to post next week. You also have to be consistent with posting good content.
  • Use your insights to know the right time to post, when your audience is active so you can make the most out of social media.
  • Respond quickly to your DMs; It’s Instagram not letters! Not responding promptly to your messages can make you lose customers.

Do these and more and watch your followers turn into customers!


Remember the quote, “Jack of all trades, master of none?” Well, I’m just trying to tell you that you CANNOT do everything! You’re selling bags, cosmetics, clothes, Ankara, this and that – take it easy. It’s okay to expand but when you are a small business just starting off, have a focus which is that one thing that people will know you for. If it is a clothes you’re selling, specialize; sell only female clothes or male clothes because these are two different target audiences. Pick one and focus on that. 

Having a focus makes it easier for not just you but your customers as well because once they know you sell one thing, they will come to you for that one thing without getting confused.

Having a focus is the best way to get you more customers because customers do not like to be confused – if they see that you are selling everything without having a strong centre (which is one product that is very prominent) then they will take you as unserious and move on to another vendor that has just what they are looking for. 

As your business thrives, you can make ways for more commodities to add to your product line up / service offering. 


There is no other way to properly endorse yourself in your industry than by collaborating with other top brands. Work with brands that have a bigger reach than you as this will help to reach a larger audience and subsequently, give you more customers than before.

No man – or business – is an island O! Collaboration will also increase trust in your brand since you are working with other brands that have already gained reputation and trust in the minds of their audience. 


The difference between a lead and any other random person is that a lead has shown interest in buying from you. However, for one reason or the other, they did not go through with the process. 

It is easier to convince someone who has shown interest than someone who hasn’t which is why you should have a system of reaching out to people who indicated interest but never bought from you. 

A great way to do this is through your website and mailing system, which helps you to reach out to your leads through automatic emails. These emails are unique to each lead so that it appeals to them in a customized manner and convinces them to go through with their purchase.

Getting more customers is not a day’s job which is why you also need a system to maintain and retain these customers.

Read more about that here

Which of these points will you be utilizing in your business this 2021? Feel free to go for all!

Compliments of the season.

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