Stop procrastinating; How to start and launch your website in 20 minutes
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Stop procrastinating; How to start and launch your website in 20 minutes

There are two kinds of people in the world; those who go ahead and “just do it” and those who wait for it to be perfect before they do it. My guess is that the latter is your case. 

Have you been thinking about creating a website for your online business but you want it to be perfect before you put it out there? 
Are you confused about the excess information which is out there and don’t know which one to follow ?
Are you confused on  how to even go about it? 
Or have you been waiting to ‘finish’ it for quite some time?

If this is you then I have just two words for you, “IT’S TIME!” This article is for you. It’s time to take action and go live!

In my previous article, I emphasized on why it is important for you to have a website for your small business (especially for you home=based and online Instagram sellers) 
If you missed that you can catch it right here. The truth is, knowing you need a website  and actually getting down to do it are two different things. 

I know, just thinking about it can make you tired let alone actually getting up and doing it. I know what it’s like because I’ve been in the same position and I just kept procrastinating because it felt like a lot of work. When I then decided to get a developer to do it for me, they just kept confusing me with “gbo gbo” technical grammar and the worst part, They wanted to kill me with bill!

Did you know that your website is not just an expense but another way to make you more money? It’s like your shop but online, everyday that you postpone launching your e-shop, you’re losing not only money but damaging your credibility as well. Or don’t you know that a website makes your business look more professional? 

This website thing is IMPORTANT! And you know this, so why are you acting like and telling yourself, it isn’t? 

Let me make a wild guess, you’re waiting for it to finish abi?  You’re building your website but you want it to be perfect before you launch it. In simple pidgin, “that wan no be beta plan.” You know why? 

Your website will never be complete, NEVER!
Your website will never be perfect. NEVER.

When you began your small business, did you have everything you needed? Of course not, you started with the basics I’m sure? The ones that people commonly ask for or buy and then as your business boomed, you continued to stock up your shop slowly, decorate your shop and improved gradually.

The same thing applies to your website

Ask anyone that has a website around you, no one builds a website in a day. It is always work in progress and it is only when you start that you can progress – adding and removing along the way to perfection. If you sit on your decision without starting now, giving one excuse or the other then those days will turn into weeks and into months and years. And you still won’t take your business to the next level..

The only way to get this done is to start and put it live and then develop and improve on it, whilst it’s live! 
Everyday you avoid it is another day it could have been making you money. Like I said before, a website is not just an expense but an asset. 

Your website can go live with just your products.

Don’t let anyone complicate matters for you like I experienced.

Once you go live and start with this simple shop, you will feel so much more motivation to add more products as your sales push in. It’s not unprofessional to have products added 1 day at a time on your website. What is unprofessional is not having any at all. Or to have one that doesn’t bring in any sales.

You can get the simplest, most beautiful professional shop online to start with. Your Instagram account and email is all you need to provide, to start with and its easy too If you can chat with whatsApp then you can definitely manage your website.  Click here to leave your email and phone number and i’ll be glad to hook you up

Don’t overthink it. 

Why torture yourself?  Whatever you don’t have now can always be added to your website later on? Thanks to technology so let that be the least of your worries.  Get started now

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