The trouble with building a website; About domain name and hosting

The trouble with building a website; About domain name and hosting

So I stopped off where I finally got a website name (you can read that here) for my small business of Ankara – but hold on, why .com? I could use .org, .net etc So I did a little research and found out that .com is actually a domain name for websites that have a commercial purpose; just like myself, so I was good to go. So I thought.

I went online thinking, well, I’ll just Google something about website and open one. Easier said than done O!, I know. But everything I saw online was too technical for my understanding and frankly; I didn’t have the time for it. 

Here I was, lost in a web of unending information about websites and yet, none of them spoke English! I kept seeing technical terms like servers, domains, hosting, storage, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Meta tags and so on and so forth. 

I’m talking about something easy-peasy and all I could find were endless, unfamiliar terminologies that I still couldn’t understand; which one is CMS? The only CMS I knew was a bus stop in Lagos for God’s sake! Which one is HTML code again? Browser compatibility? Domain? SSL? These were all foreign to me.

I tried to use some sites (trust me I have plenty) but the idea of having my site name as was unappealing to me.  I cannot even begin to tell you how I couldn’t understand what all these people online were saying.

I wished I could just tell someone what I wanted and have it served to me. I mean, all I wanted was just a simple website where customers can easily see my products, place orders, view other products easily and contact me if need be (okay hold on, now that I think of it, maybe it wasn’t so simple after all; I mean I just listed like 4 things and I haven’t even started yet).

I’ve never been great at understanding technical stuff and right now, I didn’t even want to understand again. It was too complicated for a complete novice like me.

After wasting another couple of days web crawling for simplistic information and finding none I decided to wash my hands off doing it myself. Why don’t I just pay someone to do it?!

I felt quite relieved after deciding this. After all, there are people whose job it is to create websites for people just how they want it. Now maybe I could go through a day without pausing to think of what HTML meant. Ha! I must be the smartest person in the universe. Why didn’t I think of this before?

But you see, all that glitters is not gold. That’s how I started  my experience and journey with these so called “developers” and how they showed me “pepper”.

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