Some things you should know before designing your logo

Some things you should know before designing your logo

Your logo or “identity” is part of your brand as a whole and is basically how your product or service offering is perceived or represented to your potential and existing customers in different parts of the world.

One common and essential part of your entire brand after your Business Name is your Logo which more often than not is underestimated by most small businesses.

What most businesses don’t know is that Your LOGO (which is part of your identity) is the first thing that you want to put out there so that your audience have a way of recognizing you instantly among your competitors and differentiating you or your service when they see your logo. 

Nike swoosh
Just like the Nike Swoosh logo lets you know that a particular product is from Nike even if there are no words to particularly say that.

What I’ve found is that a lot of small businesses take logo design for granted; some agree it is necessary while others say it isn’t really anything to stress over. While it might not be necessary at the discovery stage of experimenting and identifying your product or service offering and testing with a handful of customers, IT IS SOMETHING TO STRESS OVER! Especially when you have a good product that has a customer base already.

When some people even see the cost of professional logo design, they start making statements like “Ahahn! What are they designing? Can’t I just get a picture, do one or two and use that as my logo?”

Most small businesses rarely take logo design seriously until they start to run into problems as their business start to grow. Even the small businesses that go an extra mile to pay someone to create a logo and identity for them often do not get the full package. 


All they get is just a logo when what they actually need is a detailed Brand Manual (document) that shows how to use and express that logo on different applications, mediums and materials for your business as its identity. 

A brand manual which is what you’re supposed to get will be your guide on how to properly present your identity (logo) in different situations applicable.

For example, how will your logo be expressed on light or dark materials? Some logos will not show when used on a dark background because they were not made with that consideration in mind but with a detailed brand manual (which your designer should provide after designing your logo), you will be guided on how to express your identity in any of these situations.

I come across small businesses that have beautiful colorful logo like below (especially for product based businesses )… but soon run into problems when it comes to application;

Don’t get me wrong, a logo like this is good and beautiful at first glance, but what happens when you have to express it on 10,000 pieces of product bottle caps or have is embroidered on tiny chest pocket of shirts ?
What happens when you have to express it even in digital formats like on a fav icon or an app icon?

The entire essence is missing and no longer visible or vibrant due to contrasting colors!

These are things that a professional brand design service would have thought of and put into consideration in designing that identity for your business even before you realise you needed that guide or brand manual.

By the time it will come in handy for you, you wouldn’t even have known you would have encountered any problems as your a professional designer would have sorted it out for you long before you needed it. 

When you invest in a proper identity design with a good designer, you will get a full package that you will be able to use for years to come as your business identity.


Logo design is especially important for brands in the clothing & apparel designs or the cosmetics industry whose logo is as important as the product itself. 

Most successful and great entrepreneurs understand that their identity is an important factor in the success of their venture. This is why you have to pay attention to every detail of your business no matter how irrelevant it seems so it doesn’t come to bite you in the future!


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