Pranks you shouldn’t miss that could save your business in Nigeria

Pranks you shouldn’t miss that could save your business in Nigeria

We concluded the last part where I told you about how the manager and subordinate staff of a Chicken Republic outlet were trying to run down the business by sabotaging the payment system, if you’ve not read that, please click here to read it. This next experience happened at a couple of KFC outlets I observed in Lagos. I’m sure you’re wondering (wetin me sef dey find upandan for all this junk food joints)

Since that time when I began to notice the fraud that goes on in my everyday experiences, I’ve kept my eyes open and I realized there’s a chance even the upper management doesn’t see it.

On this glorious day, I am at KFC outlet in Ilupeju Lagos where I noticed something that makes my business heart sink even more (I’m sure by now you’re wondering how much I spend on fast food as a business person abi? Those were my “unwise days” when I had nothing to use money for but to eat ijekuje). Now I know better, I live in New York and most times I will take a 20 minutes walk to buy $8 Halal as opposed to buying $13 one a block away – Typical African shrewd move *covers eyes*

Anyways, back to my story,  the KFC at ilupeju had a more improvised version of this operation I earlier mentioned, I’m not sure if the manager knows about this one but the employees sure do.

Most meals at KFC are sold as standard packages (for example: 2 pieces of Chicken, side rice and a drink) for a price. You will constantly hear them encouraging you to go for a package (in the spirit of “it’s designed for you) and not choose your own so that’s what most people will opt for. However, most customers still do not collect their receipts and even when they do, they don’t even look at it.

What I observe the staff does is sell a few meals, enter the details into the Point Of Sale system, print out the receipt, but hold it back and won’t give it to the customer. They intentionally make you forget your receipts. I’m sure you’re wondering “what’s the point in doing that?”

It turns out, when the next customer comes and buys the same package meal paying cash, the old receipt is given to this new customer, and cash is collected, this cash is going into the teller’s pocket and not the cash drawer nor the POS system, and you can imagine, only a few customers actually collect these receipts. 

Now these ones that collect their receipts, what the staff does is just to give them an old receipt because they know that most people will not look at it. They will pretend to enter the transaction into the system and then give you an old receipt. They can do this for up to 10 times a day and even more, duping the real owner of the business out of the business’ revenue or earned cash.

The point of this story is that business owners have to be aware of these issues that happen right under their nose, especially when you refuse to pay attention to your business or run digitally.


Even when you go digital and you realize that something is wrong with running electronic systems as a small business, it may just be that your staff is trying to sabotage your process by sidelining the digital process forcing you towards a “cash only” process  to cheat you.

More often than not, It is not that the technology has a problem, no; it is more of your team or staff  playing dumb to it to avoid using it. This fraud does not happen only in businesses from small to large – it also happens in government and other aspects of the economy. Yet, we are more comfortable pointing accusing fingers at corrupt politicians. 

One way you can help change this is to insist on a receipt from any small business that you patronize no matter how small your order or product purchased is. 

  • You will be helping the business owner grow.
  • You will be helping them practise the basic disciplines of running a business
  • You as a business owner, if you implement these systems yourself when you are small and budding, it may look insignificant to you because you know it in your head, but if you practice it, by the time someone is giving you reasons digital systems don’t work in your business, you can tell by yourself why they might not be telling the truth or how best to manage the situation.
Now you know to collect your receipts for every transaction. Watch out for my next myth busting tale! 

Have you had such experience? What’s your experience either as a customer or business owner, please share in the comments. You can also record and send a voice note or share your experiences in my DM on Instagram or email info(at) Thank you.

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