What is it with all these so called web designers and their unreliability?

What is it with all these so called web designers and their unreliability?

You may have read about my previous experience on how I decided a name for my business and how I got frustrated trying to do this website thing before I finally chose to pay “a developer” to do it for me.

I called one of my friends that I knew who had a website and collected the number of the guy that helped her with hers. 

We met up and I couldn’t help myself from bursting out with laughter when he started talking gibberish of website stuff and all that. I came face to face again with all I’ve been avoiding from the start; he talked about optimization (in order to make my site easy to find when people searched on Google) – easy to understand abi? Until he started talking about key words use and all that. 

Then, the whole meta tags again and some other stuff and all the while he spoke, I just had this big goofy grin on my face like I was actually understanding. LOL

I must have freaked the guy out though (sorry Emeka, wherever you may be.)

Why was I laughing? It wasn’t funny O! It was just my frustration, meeting another dead end again. Emeka was just like the physical, talking version of those online places I’d been to, trying to find information on website creation. No, it didn’t make it easier to understand, Emeka sounded like an angry bee buzzing near my ear (again, no offense Emeka)

I told him that I didn’t want to know about all the technicalities he kept mentioning but Emeka said that I will be managing the site so I must learn it. Okay, can you at least try to break it down to my level of understanding? Emeka said he would try but as he went on, it was obvious he didn’t know how to do that. So I peacefully (gracefully) let Emeka be in peace as he was on his own IT planet “Biko”.

Then I found another developer. This one was a daylight armed robber! Ah! If you see the price he called ehn, you’ll join me and faint but that’s not the issue here. 

The issue was that what I was asking for was impossible, according to the new guy (Johnny); how could I possibly want to operate a website from my phone? He said that I was not okay sef – I’m serious, John turned the whole thing to insult O! 

But what will I use before? Is it a laptop? Even the phone sef, it’s not like I even know everything about it but at least I can use it to an extent, I use instagram, I use Whatsapp and my customers message me. So why can’t I run a website from it? What’s my own if other people set up a lot of computers and other complications because of the website; abi are they running a small Ankara business like me? Toh!

I (kukuma) just told John not to worry, before he vex (gets mad) and beats me up because of my supposed “lack of knowledge.” 

Fast forward to about three other developers, all saying the same thing closely related to what Emeka and John had told me already, before I found another, George.

Thank God this one did not have anger issues like Oga John. I just told him what I wanted, like with the others – thankfully, he didn’t attempt to make me learn about the technicalities straight up (I won’t have agreed sef)

Or should I? At this point, I realized that George was my best bet and he had been more willing to offer solutions to my problems than the other developers I met. So I decided to settle for him. 

This was the best decision I made so far!

All he asked for was my Instagram account and looking at what I do (my business page); without stress he sent me my website in 24 hours.

It was simply beautiful, he put me through how I could display products I sell and put the price.

It was easy for my customers to buy and I didn’t have to worry about losing them. It was intuitive like all from my phone just like I was using Whatsapp, no stress, I could attend to 100 customer requests without hassle as only paying customers got in front of me. I was excited as I didn’t have people asking me questions plenty of times again on IG, like “how do I pay” and all that. No doubt my business was good on IG but this felt more like “Freedom” from wahala.

I remember one of my friends who sells products from China who had to set up a website to manage orders and how much he spent on it. That was too much for me abeg and with my aversion to technology, this option was my best bet and the simplicity of it even blew my mind. It worked, period. I can just simply open my phone and see what’s going on with my trade no wahala.

How great is that? Well, if you want to know my guy you’ll have to wait just a bit longer. There’s more to come, like the budget – wait, were you thinking it was free before? In my next post, I will be talking about how I used the money I had to get what I want, making my budget work for me. 

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