3 reasons you should not build a website

3 reasons you should not build a website

I know I have been going on and on about why you need a website but I hope you know you can also want something for the wrong reason? Owning your website has so many advantages so you definitely want to consider it.

However, if you want to own a website because you are looking for one “Get rich quick” scheme or because someone else is doing it then I am sorry for you o! You might not find what you’re looking for. Why? I will explain in the following points;

Here are 3 solid reasons why you should NOT build a website’;

You’re looking for “quick money” schemes

In fact, asides from website building, anything else you get into with the idea of making quick bucks is very likely to fail. Why? Because ‘slow and steady wins the race”. Even if it works initially, then it most likely will not last long.

Owning a website for your business requires consistency and hard work, just like you put in your small business so that you can build an empire even from it. This is not something that can be done in a week or even a year. 

In summary, people expect to make money just because they spent money, No my dear, it takes a lot more than “Just money”. The game of making money doesn’t work that way. It requires a lot of time and resources beyond just money that if you’re not passionate about it, you can fade off. 

You’re doing it because your friend is doing it

This one is even worse. If my mother hears this line, the first thing she will ask is “Are you your friend?” So that is the same question I am asking you, “You and that your friend, are you the same?” Why would you then think that what worked for him will work for you? 

In whatever field of work you are venturing into, you must have passion for it. Some days are going to be tough and it is only that love for what you do that will help you persevere. If you’re doing it because of your friend, do you think you will last? The answer is no.

Even if you have attended one or two online classes, there is still a lot of hard work required to make your online business get the good results that you want. So make up your mind and focus on something that you are willing to spend the next 10 decades doing.

Providing Service for Family Members

This one is what I call ‘rough play” It might work out in some societies and cultures but in most others, especially the African setting, it is the beginning of your business failure. Don’t do it.

Imagine this, you provide a service to your family members and they refuse to pay. Will you have the mind to call the police and arrest them? If they continue to postpone payment for a product, won’t you get tired of asking them? In short, you will turn your business to charity work if you’re not careful.

Worst case scenario, if they pay for your product or service and it does not produce the result they want, ah! They will call a family meeting on top of your head. They may even bad mouth your business to other people and this will ruin your reputation.

Family members rarely take your business seriously and even if they do, paying up can be a problem because they may feel like you owe them. This is where trouble begins. 

That is why I always recommend that you refer family members to your competitors in the same business – they will take strangers more seriously. Just find a nice competitor and help the competitor’s business. The goodwill often comes back to pay off in a big way.

Don’t be too desperate to sell your services especially to family members. Just take your time and market your goods and when outsiders begin to testify to how good your products or services are, your family will take you more seriously.

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