3 little known ways ignorance can make you lose money in your business

3 little known ways ignorance can make you lose money in your business

How funny it is that this technology and information era where it seems that we are drowning in excess information – there are still a lot of things that we get wrong on a daily basis.
I am not excluded, I get a lot wrong myself 😁. Now it’s not just about getting the information but getting the RIGHT information.

What is the best way to get something? By asking for it of course!

I’ve found that a lot of small business owners are always reluctant to ask questions on things that they are not sure about in their business or industry. Maybe it is the fear of sounding silly, stupid or ignorant but… isn’t the fear of failing worse?

Here are three ways ignorance can kill your business and of course, why you should ALWAYS ask when you don’t know something;

1. What you don’t know CAN hurt your business;

In doing business, ignorance is NOT bliss, what you don’t know will hurt you and hurt your business.

Ever wondered why big brands are always focused on current trends? It’s because trends and current happenings are a great way for their brand to be perceived as having customers’ welfare at heart and of course, to increase sales. Now imagine such brands are ignorant of such, how will they move forward? 

As a business owner, you have to keep your eyes and ears open for the latest developments in your field so that you can easily take advantage of new opportunities before they pass you by. As a matter of fact, not knowing certain things can give your brand the identity of un-professionalism. Nobody will want to be associated with such a brand.

So if you don’t know about something, don’t just stay in the dark – ASK.

2. Without guidance, your business can crumble

Everybody needs guidance – You can not know everything and the great thing is that NOBODY expects you to. In fact, seeming like you know everything can make you seem like a know-all and “nobody likes a know-all”. 

Since we agree you cannot know it all, then it is only right that you ask people who have had experience in your field or people who seem to know better than you do. Not only can this answer your questions, it can also give you better clarity on issues that you had little or even wrong perception or knowledge about.

I want you to ask! I am here to help you and in fact, that is the whole point of my being in this digital space! To help small business owners like you to find their footing in a fast moving digital world. So if you do not ask, then how do I know how to help you?

3. Information is life – your business needs it to survive

Everyone needs information to know what is going on around them and make decisions based on what is happening. This applies to your business too!

If you do not ask for the right information on things that you don’t know, then your business is at the risk of going under because you’d be feeding it with the wrong things based on the wrong assumptions or information you have.


Sometimes, another reason that business owners are scared to ask is that their competitors can intentionally feed them with the wrong information so that their business fails. The solution to this is that when you’re looking for a particular information, don’t ask just one person and take that answer as it is!

Ask three, five or even ten people and compare their answers. To be on the safe side, ask people that are not even in the same geographical location or the same industry to have greater accuracy in the answers you get.

I am always here if you have ANY questions on your small business management; from how to properly run your business  and anything else!

You can send me a message  using the “Contact Me” option or an email to and I will respond to you promptly! Don’t forget to subscribe so you can get notified when I make a new post.

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