Don’t quit your job to become a boss!

Don’t quit your job to become a boss!

Here’s how to start a side hustle even with your regular job

Owing to the entrepreneurial wave that seems to have washed over this new century and has come to stay, a lot of people are suddenly having this mentality of “I am going to quit my job and start my own business.” I’d like you to hold it right there!

If it was that easy, we would all be CEOs! The funniest thing about this sudden declaration is that most of the time, it comes from one of those Instagram motivational speeches that “YOU CAN DO IT! TAKE YOUR LIFE IN YOUR HANDS! QUIT THAT YOUR JOB AND BE YOUR OWN BOSS.”

AH! OYO lowa o! (You’re on your own)

Don’t Quit Your Job Just Yet. Firstly, before you even think of doing that, ask yourself, “Why do I want to start my own business?”
Is it because everybody is doing it or just because I don’t want to work for anybody again?” If any of these are your reasons then I would advise you to stick to your job. 

Ask any successful business person around, they will tell you that the secret behind any successful person is that such a person must be willing to serve!


So if you are running from serving where you work because you don’t like your oga (Boss), do you know that entrepreneurship mostly is a business of service?

I’ll explain…

When you have a job, for example, you have just one boss or oga that you answer to, right?

In entrepreneurship, you have multiple bosses because basically, every one of your clients is your boss whether you like it or not.


The same “wahala” you think that your one oga had, you will receive it from multiple sources now and you must comply O! Before somebody carries you to court for failing to deliver your end of the deal.
So think again if it is oga that you are running away from, better think again. It is only when you understand and accept this that you can now get ready to run a business. 

So how do you start your side hustle?

A side hustle is basically a small business that you do while still doing your regular job.  Here’s what to do;

1. Test the waters first.

Do your research and find out what is going on in that industry that you want to venture into. Gather all your findings to see if it’s really worth it and also, if it’s something that you can actually do

It is never advisable to jump in head first because you never know what you might find that you were not prepared for.


2. Start with a small process.

Start by dedicating 3 or 4 hours to it every week and watch it grow little by little even as you still do your regular job. Test it out by listening to your potential customers as “potential bosses” – this will help you see things very differently.

For example, if you want to start a perfume selling business; you can start by selling on your Whatsapp status – posting your products and attending to the small customers you are getting. Little by little, you’ll soon start to see issues here and there, maybe someone got her order late or another person doesn’t like how the perfume she bought scents – how will you handle these kind of situations? Test it out first so it doesn’t take you by surprise.

3. See your customers as your bosses, each and every one of them

Just like your boss is the one that pays you, your customers are the ones that will pay you so technically, that makes them your boss – each & every one of them. You know how frustrating customers can be?! Ah!

Take for example, if a customer comes shouting and barking at you about a service rendered or a product; what would you do? Your natural reaction might be to shout   back but if you calm down and use this method I have given you to see that customer as your boss, you will see it differently. Or will you shout back at your boss? NO.

Before you respond rudely to your customer, think – if this person was my boss, would I do this? 
You will realize that you will begin to see opportunities differently from this perspective. 

4. Use your current job as a pointer of what you want your business to look like or not look like.

No matter how horrible your boss is, there are things you can learn from the person that will help you to run your own business better. In fact, the salary you will still be earning is also a plus!

Don’t use unnecessary “ginger” to “fire your boss” and start running your own business #justlikethat.

There’s a quote that goes “If you are too big to serve, then you are too small to lead! Let that sink in.


I am not saying all those motivational speakers are wrong O, but the truth is that everybody cannot be a business owner. They are trying to inspire you, yes, it is now left to you to look within yourself and see if that advice is for you or somebody else. 

Entrepreneurship requires a lot of discipline and patience and serving will help you learn all that and more! 


Feel free to share with me in the comments how your small business is evolving, I will also be happy to hear about topics you’d like me to write about. 

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