5 ways a website will benefit your small business within a week

5 ways a website will benefit your small business within a week

Do you know how many times I’ve heard a small business say “We are working on our website?” Haba! We are all working on our websites… all the time! Even this one you’re reading on right now  is always being worked on.
That’s no excuse for not having one. Are you really waiting for your website to be complete and perfect? You know that will never happen! 

Who are you kidding? Certainly not me. I’ve been there; my brothers and sisters. I have dragged with designers, developers, wordpress orisirisi, fighting that my logo should be one way or my photo on another side, but all I was really doing was procrastinating. And I can bet that’s what you’re doing too if we’re being honest with ourselves. 

As a trader or a business person your website is very important! It’s not one of these things that can wait O! If you want to be taken seriously in the modern business world, if you want to boost sales rapidly – then you must have a website.
it should be the first thing you do when it comes to getting you and your business out there – not languishing down at the bottom of that to-do list!

Why? Well let me give you some good reasons; 

You Need An Online Shop That You Own And Control

Can you get by with just a social media presence? It’s certainly possible, I see a lot of people do it nowadays, in fact it’s like you don’t exist if you don’t know somebody that does one business on Instagram especially if you’re doing a small trade part-time. But if you want your business to grow to become a gig that makes more than most full time gigs; if you want to make a good “kudi” from it that actually increases month to month without wahala, then building your reputation solely using platforms you do not control is a very bad idea.

Basing your business on social media means you have no control over your business’ online future. You’re completely at the mercy of Facebook or Instagram that can close your account for no apparent reason. They can change the rules anytime they like or control how you can reach your customers.

Also, your website is like your shop – it is always there. Your customers can easily get access to your products and services instead of Instagram where it can easily be buried among other skits and images on someone’s feed. 

Your Website Gives You Instant Credibility 

The minute you have a website your credibility increases. A potential customer looking for a product will view your competitors as far more professional than you if they have a website and you do not. Take a look at these 2 Instagram businesses for example @glammednaturallyoil  and @shopallural  , which do you think sells more products? Which will you take more seriously?

Have you ever looked for a product online / service only to find that they don’t have a website? I know I have and the minute I couldn’t find them – that trust I want to feel is diminished.

It is better for you to have a basic website than to have no website at all. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes,

if a business owner is less bothered about something as important as a website – do you really want to trust them with your money?

– auntyronke

To build your business, a website is a worthy investment.

No One Else Is Competing For Attention On Your Website

As soon as someone lands on your Facebook or Instagram page there are a hundred other posts they can be distracted by. Posts by other businesses, posts from their friends and family, YouTube videos, funny memes – you know how it is.
One minute they’re on your page and the next, they’re on a funny IG skit. You can relate cos it has happened to you too. 

With a website you have the opportunity to keep them there if you’re clever. There is no one else there competing for their attention. It’s just you. You OWN this space and it’s up to you to treat them to a great experience; by the way.

Your Website Gives You An Easy Place To Send Potential Clients

If you’re chatting with a potential client how are you going to make sure they can look you up quickly and easily?

Are you going to give them a business card with that long link to your Facebook page? How professional do you think that looks to them? What if you don’t have any cards on you? Don’t you want a nice, easy to remember link to give them?

Not just you though, your past clients and your friends and family and acquaintances all need something to refer you with!  Make it easy for them by making sure you have a website they can send people to and make you look big! This will give you more room to explain the quality of your product and service offering better away from the clutter of social media.

Your Website Makes You Money!!!  

Lastly and very important, I know all that has been on your mind is how much a website is going to cost. Calm down, do you know that aside the little money to get up and running, your website actually pays for itself and can make you a whole lot of extra cash – if you’re clever. 

It’s like saying you want a shop but you want to build the shop yourself, and even a wooden kiosk by the road side will cost money, it’s not free!! (And I’m sure If I ask you what kind of shop you want you will say you want a store in Shoprite but yet, you don’t even want to pay for road side price) 

Stop looking for free and confusing information out there, ask people that are successful online how much they spend, not just how much they make you’d be surprised they spend more online than they do in a physical shop sef sometimes and that’s why they make more money.

Small businesses with good websites tend to command a much higher fee than businesses without.

– auntyronke

This is not just because they appear far more professional and credible. They are also much better equipped to attract those ideal customers who value good quality products and services by showcasing their work and service at its very best on a platform that they own and control.

So I’ve outlined why you really must have a website (and quickly) if you want to take your IG business more seriously but you might still be sitting there feeling a bit overwhelmed about the task itself. I know how that feels. Here’s an article where I give you some tips on how to stop procrastinating and getting started already!

It would be lax of me not to mention that I’ve created websites for multiple small businesses and I walk and talk you through how you start getting orders from day one without the headaches  and frustrations of social sales – all from your smartphone. Your ideal customers will come and make more purchases from you and this can be all yours along with all the other great technology support.  Click here to get started.

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